Sunday, 12 January 2014


Best Results out of Fasting:

"Fasting" is a method being adopted by almost all religions around the world. In the Hindu Religion, fasting assumes important place in the religious rituals. Let us see the facts about the "Fasting" to get good results.

1. Skipping a meal is not the exact meaning of the phrase "Fasting".

2. The primary objective of fasting is to control the actions of tongue, eyes, nose, ears and body sensations. The control of taste buds in the tongue holds the key to bring control over his/her mind and body over various temptations.

3. Hence skipping a meal either in the morning or evening and filling the stomach later with various types of foods on the same day can not be called as "Fasting".

4. A Fasting becomes complete only if the control of the body and mind is being done from the Sunrise of the fasting day to Sunrise on the next day.

5. Fasting loses its values, once a person consumes alochol, cigrattes, non-vegetarian foods and any form of drugs.

6. Fasting gets completely damaged, if a person thinks, dreams or involve in any sexual activities.

7. Anger, Jealousy, Vegenance and Cunningness will totally ruin the effectiveness of the Fasting.

8. Foods prepared with high fat, onions, drumstick, butter/ghee and any roasted or fried items should be avoided at any cost.

9. Fasting should not be done in a continous manner @ Fasting must be done within a time frame. Fasting should not be open ended.

10. Fasting should not be done without any rhyme or reason.

11. No one should reveal the reason for fasting to any one (including their Kith and kin)

12. No one should reveal the level of benefits that they personally enjoy through fasting. But they can guide others.

13. A person would be considered to have control over his mind and body, whenever he can enter or exit the fasting at his/her chosen time.

14. Natural or uncooked foods like fruits, fruit juices, dry fruits, coconut, beaten rice soaked in milk and vegetables (like carrot, cucumber,..) are the best foods to be consumed while fasting. 

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