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The Hindu Religion teaches us that the Soul doesn't die and they Soul takes multiple birth, so as to purify itself to attain moksha. That is, the Life is a continuous process and there exists a connection between every birth.

When a child is born in this world, its fate is decided by its own deeds and acts in the previous life. That is, the Child would have born somewhere else in the previous birth. During its lifetime, he or she would done many good things and would have done bad things too. The Good things or Virtues would turn into Yogas and the bad things or sins would turn into doshas in the horoscope of the child in the present lifetime. That is, the Child would be rewarded for its virtues in the form of good parents, good physical health & mental health, good wealth, good education and peaceful married life; and so on. The Child would be troubled by its sins (that it had committed under the previous birth) by way of facing troubles in various forms during its lifetime.

That is, no one can escape from the destiny that has been invited by themselves by their own deeds. If you have committed the following sins in your previous life, you are bound to face the same kind of agony and sufferings that you had inflicted upon others in the previous life.

1. Killing/Torturing/Maiming any living creatures for your own pleasures.

Example: Suppose 5000 chickens and 10,000 fishes and 1000 goats had died due to a person's lust for non-vegetarian foods, then the person will born as chicken for 5,000 times, goats as 1000 times and 10,000 time as fish before getting a chance to again reborn as a human. If a person attacks a person with weapons in the previous life means that the person will face similar attacks and undergo the same kind of agony in this current lifetime,

2. Stealing or Thefts: If any person steals any kind of assets (movable or immovable) either by coercion or threats or physical assaults or luring with false promises or forgery, then the person will undergo the similar type of problems in their present lifetime that they had inflicted on others. Doing fraudulent business comes under this category. This would also include the illegal relationship @ the person would be stealing another person's wife or husband.

3. Criminal Tendencies: If any person creates troubles within another family and gets them separated either directly or indirectly, then they will face the similar type of agony in their present lifetime.

Example: A women taking a active part in separating the husband from his parents and from his family members. A husband placing hurdles on his wife's ties with her own parents or family members. Creating falsehood and separating brothers and sisters; mother/father with son/daughters; among friends; and also within the business partners.

4. Modesty of a Woman: As we know, that the birth as a human itself is a gift; because you get it rarely. Because only during this period, when you are born as humans, you will have skill and knowledge to introspect yourself and make an effort to go near the God by loving others and by doing good deeds. Here the Hindu Vedas tell us that getting a chance to born as a woman is an extraordinary gift of the God. Hence anybody tries to damage the modesty of a women or damages the modesty of the woman under various forms are liable to punished too hard. Similar way, if a woman lives according to her whims and fancies and maintain an immoral lifestyle are bound to suffer very badly.

Example: Any person lures a girl into sexual relationship with false promises of marriage; anyone who sexually assaults or abuse the women either by force or coercion or with false promises; ditching the life partner just to satisfy the lust for his/her sexual needs; anyone who directly or indirectly involve in sending a woman into prostitution and anyone who makes a living through immoral sexual activities (like printing/selling/writing porn books or acting/aiding/publishing/selling porn movies or uploading sexual acts in the internet either for sexual pleasures or commercial gains) will face tough time in their life.  

Spreading Falsehood: This includes spreading rumours, spreading a falsehood either by knowing actual truth or by without verifying the facts or  simply translate or publish the unverified story. Giving false testimony either in a court or before the society fully knowing the actual truth. This would also include the unethical way of advertising or giving false promises to complete the business transactions. This would also include gossiping on the personal lifestyle of others without verifying the facts like spreading falsehood about a woman colleague (about her conduct) in an organization.

The Hindu Religion clearly states that a person suffers because of his/her own deeds and acts in the previous life. Hence no one escape from the similar type of agony and troubles. You need to undergo the similar type of troubles in the present lifetime to nullify your sins. Hence there is no short cut @ the pujas, homams, yagnas, pariharams and annadhanam will not be useful.

1. You must introspect about your life. Why you have born? What is the purpose of your birth?

2. You must not live/work in an unethical manner during the current lifetime.

3. You must understand that you can't change the destiny. The Navagrahas are given the task of supervising everyone's destiny by the God. Hence the Navagrahas do their job without fear or favour (even the God doesn't interfere in the job of Navagrahas). You can minimize the impact of the troubles created by the Navagrahas by worshipping them. You must understand that you can't rewrite your destiny by  doing elaborate homams or pujas by paying large amount of money. In today's world, the people are employing someone to pray for themselves @ e-aradhana or e-archana, because they are too busy in their life not being able to devote sometime to their prayers.

4. The Pariharam will not deliver any results unless you introspect yourself and take a vow not to commit any fresh sins.

5. Your dedication, devotion and humbleness before the God is the basic necessities to make your Pariharam to be successful. A small flower or bunch of any leaves to the God on daily basis could produce miracles in your life rather spending huge money on rituals.  

6. Your Pariharam becomes useless, if you continue to do unethical trade practices.

7. Your Pariharam becomes useless, if you continue to hate and harm others; subject others to pain and agony.

8. Your Pariharam becomes useless, if you continue to believe that a stone can bring turnaround in your life @ gemstone.

9. Your Pariharam becomes useless, if you continue to do believe that the numbers can bring dramatic changes into your life @ numerology.

10. Your Pariharam becomes useless, if you continue to do believe that the expensive poojas or homams or ritual is going the resolve all your problems.

You must understand that the Pariharam and continuous wrongdoing will not travel in the same direction. So whatever you did in the past life befall in your head in the present life, no matter how much spiritual that you are in. Your present sins will befall on your childrens and future generations (during  the present lifetime) and gets translated into the doshas for your next birth.

Your sins will not be washed away through your repentance or forgiveness. As per the Hindu Vedas, the purity in our life (at least from now onwards) is the key to the successful Pariharams. 

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